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至上励合 (Top Combine) Community
New song: Lucky Boys 
28th-Mar-2011 08:12 am
top combine maomei

The one on Youtube is low-quality; it'd be better to listen to it at Xinge: http://xinge.baidu.com/
Look for "Lucky Boys" by 至上励合.
On Xinge, you get to hear the high-quality one, there's lyrics on the side, and by listening, you add to the number of plays and push the song higher up on Baidu's charts. :)

Lucky Boys

作词 Lyricist:陈立志

作曲 Composer:MASTER KEY

编曲 Arrangement:MASTER KEY

制作人 Producer:司捷

(合) Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky 我期待

(张远) 遇见你 心中梦中的女孩

(合) Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky 我期待

(张远) 邂逅你 我命中命中注定的爱






Rap:心情很差 胃口也坏 肝火很旺 倒头还栽

情绪也低 士气也败 越消沉沮丧越无奈

不懂搏出位 就只能被淹没 不能够被晋级 就只够被淘汰

总不够幸运 就还要继续爱 我不想要再被当做反面教材

(刘洲成)我也渴望有人关怀 赶走寂寞填补空白

更渴望一个女孩 发现我的内在 懂得欣赏对我有爱

(合)Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky 我期待

(李茂)遇见你 心中梦中的女孩

(合)Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky 我期待

(李茂)邂逅你 我命中命中注定的爱






Rap:要耍帅 但别耍赖 出风头 不等于搞怪

不要害怕 会被拒之门外 总有个人是你的菜

遇见Miss Right出手一定要加快

把握好时机 不要再等待 转瞬之间 切中要害

(张远)我也渴望有人关怀 赶走寂寞填补空白

更渴望一个女孩 发现我的内在 懂得欣赏对我有爱

(金恩圣)爱的电流流过四肢百骸 打通了我的经脉

(刘洲成)心跳开始加快 呼吸乱了节拍 鼓起勇气上前Say Hi

(合)我的青春不要留白 我敢异想就会天开

爱就要爱个痛快 伤也伤得精彩 一句简单的开场白

(合)Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky 我期待

(金恩圣)遇见你 心中梦中的女孩

(合)Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky 我期待

(金恩圣)邂逅你 我命中命中注定的爱

(合)Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky 我期待

(刘洲成)就是你 日思夜想的女孩

(合)Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky Lucky 我期待

(刘洲成)想问你 是否和我一样期待

So what do you guys think of it? Also, according to a number of articles that have been written about the new song (topcombinest has them translated, and so does CFensi), they helped choreograph their new dance for it too, which has yet to be released..
28th-Mar-2011 02:39 pm (UTC)
I'm a bit iffy. It's kind of bland like the last one. I'll wait for a higher quality before passing too much judgment!

I think I would enjoy songs that Xueyang or XiaoMei composed. Can't we have those as singles? 8(

I love their outfits though. Normally I'm wondering what their stylist is smoking, but this actually makes them look nice.
31st-Mar-2011 12:16 am (UTC)
It is a little bland, but I think it's better than Zhu Jue was. And Xinge has the song in high-quality!

I think Xueyang composed a Cotton Candy 3 sort of song, which is going to be their other single, I think~ so I'm really excited for that! But Xiao Mei..he never really struck me as a very musical kind of person, so I don't think what he composes would make it as a single- I mean, I love him, but your first try at composing a song is not usually going to be absolutely fantastic.

Their outfits...they're pretty good. A little icky about halving their jackets, but it's not bad (so much better than Qi Tian Da Sheng hahaha). Don't know about the capes though, especially on Yuan. :(
28th-Mar-2011 09:58 pm (UTC)
Hate the "lucky" part, really iffy about the opening, but I really love some parts of it in the middle - so catchy! xD Much better than 齐天大圣 imho but I'm still loving their debut EP the best ;; And would be a much better song without the lucky part...
5th-May-2011 07:52 am (UTC)
translation please
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