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至上励合 (Top Combine) Community
Top Combine - 至上励合// 给力星期天 - Gelievable Sunday 
9th-Apr-2011 02:47 pm
Last Sunday, a show Top Combine was on aired; it was also their debut TV performance of Lucky Boys~ 给力星期天 Gei Li Xing Qi Tian is actually pretty entertaining even if you can't understand Chinese... I think!

Watch on Tudou or QiYi. (The one on QiYi has better video quality but really quiet, but the volume on Tudou is actually listen-able). I don't think you can embed, but links work too ^^

Some highlights:

- Kenny constantly proclaiming cheesy lines to Feier (the girl). Saying "You are my eye"... leading to the hosts at one point calling Kenny the "eye socket".
- The host asks Feier to pick who among them is her type; she picks Kenny first, and then Yuan. Yuan says "because my eyes are small, right?" (since she's "an eye" haha)
- In the quiz section, the first person is someone who does really cool ironing. During his demonstration that he can iron quickly... Top Combine randomly start dancing to Michael. (Jackson.)
- The host jokes that when Yuan is on the turning platform, it seems to be harder to turn...
- Top Combine try to introduce themselves cutely. It doesn't work |D
- Because the little girls sang their song (and Mars sings along), they say they'll do drums... and make a mess out of it. The hosts are like "oh, you should do one to your own song", except: "That was our own song!" So they send out XueYang to show off his drum skills.
- BUBBLES BUBBLES BUBBLES. My favourite segment. If you watch nothing else, watch this part (around 30-35 minutes in). It is adorable. And the bubble guy is also cho cute :3
- When XiaoWu gets flustered, his Chinese tends to flail a little too - it's cute. The question is "what was the third bubble making tool?" and he flails going "I know I know but I don't know the name but I know" and just is overall adorable~ So they tell him to just say what shape it is and he goes "shenzi" (string) and skdgjsdg his bandmates are like "what, what?" |D The hosts are like "you guys aren't even as good as your XiaoWu" - well, after all, he was their secret weapon!
- The bubble-master introduces himself. There is the following exchange:
BM: Everyone, anneyonhaseyo.
Tanas: Ah, someone from my hometown!
BM: Oh, you're korean? (said in Chinese)
Tanas: Oh! Yes, I'm korean. (also said in Chinese)
- at first he continues speaking in Chinese; the hosts make Tanas fake-translate what he says anyway
- the following segment is this cute mix of bubble-guy's chinese and Tanas's translations hehe.
- he gets Feier to stand in the circle to the big bubble thing, and asks XiaoZhu (one of the hosts) to join her. He says "I shouldn't do this with FeiEr, how about we get the Eye Socket instead?" Kenny says "This is the happiest thing in 2011, to be together with my eye. But before I go in can I say something?" (I think it's Mars who interrupts him going "no, let me") And obviously he says "You are my eye, the one who shows me the four seasons." So cheesy!
- Tanas tries to translate going "Wait!" but they don't listen |D and then he says that the reason why the bubble burst is because the people inside weren't hugging~ so they hug. D'awwww XiaoMei looks so self conscious~ He acts like a blushing schoolgirl

Then they basically talk about the fact that Tanas is, after all, from South Korea, and therefore has to enlist in the army at some point.
Host: I've heard that in Korea, at a certain age, all boys have to enlist, right?
XiaoWu: Yeah, that's right.
Host: So, teacher, have you been a soldier?
XiaoWu: Yeah, he has.
Host: So you've enlisted. What about you, Xiaowu?
XiaoWu: I'm already at the age to enlist
Host: Then what about your brothers/friends
XueYang: To tell the truth, this is a pretty serious issue for XiaoWu
XueYang: Since XiaoWu is already at that age of enlisting in the army, so, this issue
LiMao: Actually we've discussed this before,
LiMao: He feels, well, it's obviously not a problem,
Kenny: But either way we're one. If you go, we'll wait for you to come back.
?: If one day you have to go.
XiaoWu: Okay.
Host: Seeing this, XiaoWu, I just want to say, there's this saying in Chinese "天下无不散的宴席", all good things come to an end
Yuan?: I knew you were going to say that--
Host: And there's a saying in Chinese - if XiaoWu (little five) goes you can find a XiaoLiu (little six).
LiMao: There's no other XiaoWu, he's irreplacable!

- in the next quiz segment, one of the dancers is one of the host's aunt. his grandma also comes out and brings something his mother cooked. Yuan obviously has to be restrained by his bandmates |D

- the next segment they test reaction times
- when they're "guessing" what the topic is, Kenny obviously has to say "no, I think the topic is 'You are my eye'"
- LiMao brags saying that his is totally more than most people's. Yuan hits him to get him to stop talking. Multiple times. Mao reacts by flailing at Leader |D "You hit me so many times! I felt it the first time!"

- XueYang plays a trick on FeiEr going:
--- Mars: *holds up 1 finger* What's this?
--- FeiEr: One
--- Mars: *holds up 2 fingers* What's this?
--- FeiEr: Two
--- Mars: *holds up 3 fingers* What's 1+1?
--- FeiEr: Three---!!!

- LiMao... can't catch the ruler at all.
- They play a trick on XueYang when he's doing the reaction test. The look on his face is great haha.
- Tanas very calmly catches the ruler~

- Top Combine's part ends after the ping-pong ball segment, but the next segment is pretty entertaining to watch anyway; think Onigokko on Ya-ya-yah if you know what I'm talking about... keke.

I have no idea if this'll get subbed eventually, but if you're curious about what they're saying at one part I can give translating bits and pieces a go :)
9th-Apr-2011 11:10 pm (UTC)
lol, i watched a little bit of it (cos stupid tudou laggggsss ==) and the boys are completely adorbs~~ Xiaowu is irreplaceable ~~
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