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至上励合 (Top Combine) Community
Streaming: 我们有一套 + Photoshoot for Easy 
6th-May-2011 06:56 pm
This is a few weeks old now, but:

- The boys start off with music class! Since it's for kids, they should start off with children's songs. They get Mars to start, since he's the one from music school, after all. Then one of the kids interrupt, saying why are they singing childrens' songs when they have their own song? The host asks them who's the best looking, and all but one raise their own hand xD They introduce their band, and perform their song "We'll grow up together"

- Music class is over, time for dance class! Leader shows off a little, before a little girl interrupts. She says she can dance "Cotton Candy"! So they perform together, the boys...taking turns at trying to seduce her!? Tanas, what are you doing? Anyway, they finish and tell her to join the group, they can be a six person group! Except Kenny bullies Mars and is like "no, then you can leave :) welcome to top combine~" The host then asks the girl who she likes the most, after they sang and danced with her. She says "all of them" at first, but they insist on her choosing one xD Tanas then offers to teach her the dance to their new song.

- Dance class is over, so now they'll have language class! Leader says: "Well, between the five of us, the one who's best at languages is...?" and Tanas pipes up: "Well, it's definitely me." Anddd they get him to do tongue twisters again. Funny tidbit: after Tanas bumbles the second one and gets as far as "shan qian tui" she leads him into saying "tui xue" i.e. leaving school, and Tanas just repeats it xD He picks up on it when they try it on him again.

- They introduce another kid, and show the video of him that went viral on the net. They ask him if he knows where Korea is, saying that their kimchi is really good xD Then they ask him to say "You're good looking" in his dialect... except he repeats it back in Mandarin. So the kid's uncle says it, and Tanas gives it a try:
Tanas: Your house is very good looking
Host: No it's not your house is good looking, you are good looking
Tanas: Your speaking is very good looking
Host: My speaking also isn't good looking
ANYWAY MOVING ON is "Have you eaten?" which Tanas does better at xD Then they get the kid to sing!

And then Kenny speaks up! (around 25:) "You know, us Top Combine, we have a really hardworking kid too. Even when his voice cracks, he doesn't shy away. When he's performing, he'll smile and his eyes get small, even if his voice cracks."
So, who is it? hehe xD

The host then asks who can sing the highest in Top Combine. Mars says it's not him, and the fans say it's XiaoWu! So they'll have a competition! They ask if he knows "You and Me", the olympics song. The host goes first, and then Tanas goes: "I lose, da ge!" (lit big brother, term of respect)

- Next class, English! The kid says that Bird's pronunciation is wrong. He's performed a lot, and then he sings :) In english! He's been learning for 2 and a half years; Mars is like "I've been learning for 20 years..." And the kid is from Shanghai :) They invite his teacher up, and she talks about the first times he performed, it's really sweet... and then he sings another song. His voice is really, really good!

- Top Combine performs their new song in front of an audience live for the first time :)

Top Combine w/ Easy photoshoot

Photoshoot! (They introduce themselves, direct viewers to the site, and that's all the talking)
7th-May-2011 12:36 am (UTC)
Aww, poor Li Mao didn't get a chance to "seduce" the little girl. He would've been hilarious. And LOL Xiao Wu is always the most popular among little girls, it seems.

And daaang that Zhong Chenle kid's singing... I'm looking him up on YouTube right now. Craaazy. And lol, "Memorry." Gotta love those subs.
7th-May-2011 02:20 am (UTC)
It must be the foreign charm ;P

His voice is so pretty and he's so adorable too. lol I didn't even notice xD
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